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Cutting edge headphone based 3D-Audio technology used for immersive audioguides at Hans Christian Andersen Museum Odense, National Library of Wales or Louvre Abu Dhabi. To know more: NOUS Sonic;


NOUS Sonic: Revolutionizing the Audio Experience in Cultural Spaces

Discover the cutting-edge technology of NOUS Sonic, an innovative audio system designed to enhance visitor experiences in museums and cultural spaces. By focusing on (also non-linear) storytelling, experience design, and immersive technology, NOUS has created a unique and interactive solution that revolutionizes the way visitors explore and engage with cultural institutions. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of this ground-breaking ecosystem.

Headphone-Based 3D Audio Technology:

NOUS Sonic offers a high-precision localization system that detects detailed movements in the room, enabling complex and individual sound staging. Tonality, volume, and direction of the sound sources are transmitted through a sophisticated headphone system, providing a realistic and immersive auditory experience. The headphones are lightweight, easily adaptable to various styles, and come with a washable and replaceable fabric cover.

Ultra-Wide-Band Localization:

The starting point for any NOUS Sonic project is a high-accuracy localization system for the exhibition space. Visitor areas are equipped with Ultra-Wide-Band antennas for easy installation, enabling accurate determination of indoor position and head alignment within 10 cm.

The Configurator App:

The Configurator App is a powerful tool for editing and adding content to the NOUS Conductor, a web-based Content Management System that stores the content needed for all our media guides, public displays, interactive stations, or web pages. It supports an unlimited amount of languages, user management, tours, and many other features, allowing curators, educators, and artists to customize the audio user experience in real-time and on-site.

3D Experience:

The NOUS Sonic system is designed to deliver a unique and engaging 3D Audio experience. By combining real-time indoor positioning and excellent sound quality, visitors can enjoy an auditory experience that complements their visual exploration of the cultural space: hands and eyes free!

Content Creation:

NOUS believes that creative content is the key to any successful NOUS Sonic project. They offer various content creation services, ranging from simple sounds and dedicated composed music to texts, dialogues, and specific stories. NOUS has established a global partner network of content creators to help institutions make the most of their powerful tool.


NOUS Sonic represents the next step in enhancing visitor experiences in museums and cultural spaces. By providing an immersive, interactive, and customizable audio system, institutions can engage visitors in new and exciting ways. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the future of cultural exploration with NOUS Sonic.

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