Heritage Innovation Lab envisions to offer a range of services designed to preserve and promote the cultural traditions of the European continent.

Some of the services offered by the platform include:

Creative Workshops

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise to boost your GLAM projects with Heritage Innovation Lab.

At Heritage Innovation Lab, we conduct immersive workshops that blend creativity with expert knowledge. These workshops are specifically tailored for GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) projects, providing participants with unique insights into the intersection of cultural heritage and innovation.

  • Dive into the world of creativity with our specialized workshops, tailored for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM).
  • Led by industry experts, these sessions offer hands-on experience in integrating traditional cultural elements with innovative approaches.
  • Explore new ways to exhibit, curate, and digitize cultural assets, enhancing visitor engagement and bringing history to life.
  • Perfect for teams looking to add a creative edge to their projects.

Transform Your GLAM Projects with Our Expert-Led Creative Workshops!

Toolset Innovation Framework

Overview  of the best tools to be used in different stages of a project on digital, audio-visual, and cultural heritage 

This service offers a thorough overview of the best digital tools for various stages of projects focused on digital, audio-visual, and cultural heritage. It’s an invaluable resource for identifying the most effective tools to enhance project outcomes.

  • Navigate the digital landscape with ease using our Toolset Innovation Framework.
  • We provide a curated selection of the best digital tools for audio-visual and cultural heritage projects.
  • From project inception to completion, our framework guides you in selecting the right tools to streamline processes, enhance quality, and ensure successful project outcomes.

Empower Your Projects with Our Comprehensive Digital Toolset Guide!

Funding Opportunities

Discover what are the open funding calls and how to be a successful applicant from our team’s expertise 

Understanding the landscape of available funding can be challenging. Heritage Innovation Lab helps navigate this by highlighting open funding calls and providing expert advice on crafting successful applications. This service is crucial for organizations seeking financial support for their cultural initiatives.

  • Secure the funding your projects deserve with our insider knowledge of open calls and grant applications.
  • Our team’s expertise in funding mechanics will guide you through the application process, improving your chances of success.
  • We’ll help you understand funders’ expectations and craft compelling proposals, opening doors to vital financial support for your cultural initiatives.

Unlock Funding Success with Our Expert Guidance!

Digital Transformation Setup

Blueprint of strategical digital tools we can get ready to use for maximize the work of your team

Recognizing the importance of digital tools in modern operations, this service provides a blueprint for strategically integrating digital technologies. It’s designed to optimize team performance and enhance project execution, ensuring organizations are well-equipped for the digital age.

  • Embrace the digital era with our strategic implementation of cutting-edge tools.
  • We offer a tailored blueprint for integrating digital solutions into your operations, maximizing team efficiency and project impact.
  • From content management systems to virtual reality experiences, our approach ensures you’re equipped with the best digital tools to elevate your cultural projects.

Revolutionize Your Operations with Our Digital Transformation Strategies!

Positioning Advisory

Support for your project with how to improve your branding, marketing, and management operations 

Branding, marketing, and management are critical for the success of any project. Heritage Innovation Lab offers advisory services to enhance these aspects of your project, ensuring your initiatives are well-positioned in the market and effectively managed.

  • Strengthen your project’s market presence with our comprehensive advisory services.
  • We focus on enhancing your branding, marketing, and management strategies to maximize impact.
  • Our team will work with you to develop a unique brand identity, effective marketing campaigns, and efficient operational processes, ensuring your project stands out in the competitive cultural sector.

Elevate Your Project with Our Strategic Positioning Expertise!

Innovation Solutions

The best benchmark of different fields to guarantee your future initiative is going to be state-of-art

Staying ahead in the field requires understanding the latest trends and benchmarks. This service provides insights into cutting-edge innovations across various fields, ensuring that your future initiatives are at the forefront of technological and cultural advancements.

  • Future-proof your initiatives with our insights into the latest innovations across various fields.
  • We provide benchmarks and trends analysis to keep your projects at the forefront of technology and cultural relevance.
  • Whether it’s exploring new mediums of digital storytelling or adopting sustainable practices, our solutions are designed to ensure your projects are not just current but leading the way in innovation.

Stay Ahead with Our Cutting-Edge Innovation Insights!