[Online Event] Exploring Creative Tools for Cultural Heritage – June 10th

We are excited to invite you to an online gathering on June 10th at 2-4 PM CEST, co-hosted by the University of Jena, Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision, ICARUS, and Time Machine Organization to present the results of C4Education project, launched as Heritage Innovation Lab. This virtual event will host a discussion on integrating innovative tools for creativity into the cultural heritage field; and enhancing your project proposals with the latest advancements in technology.

Watch the replay:

Event Highlights:

    – Overview of Creative Tools: Discover how tools such as AI, 3D Sound and XR and other digital applications can revolutionize the cultural heritage sector.

    – Funding Opportunities: Learn about current calls and funding opportunities available for GLAM institutions – Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums – looking to innovate and expand their impact.

    – Network and Collaborate: Engage with professionals from the University of Jena, Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision, ICARUS, and Time Machine Organization.

The Heritage Innovation Lab, a collaborative venture between the mentioned institutions, is dedicated to promoting the rich narratives and cultural traditions of Europe through cutting-edge digital technologies. Our platform not only showcases valuable tools and resources but also offers consultancy and a dynamic online forum for professionals to share insights and experiences.

Why Attend?

This gathering is a must for educators, researchers, and innovators focused on preserving and promoting European cultural heritage through innovative and digital methodologies. Join us to be at the forefront of transformation in the cultural heritage sector.


[Click on the link to RSVP] RSVP closed after the event, recording available

We look forward to your participation in what promises to be a stimulating and informative event.

Warm regards,

Heritage Innovation Lab