Embracing the Future: The Role of Digital Humanities at SUB Göttingen

In an era where digital technology pervades every aspect of our lives, the field of humanities has not been left behind. The State and University Library (SUB) Göttingen is at the forefront of integrating digital technologies with humanities research, showcasing a commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation. The Digital Humanities (DH) at SUB Göttingen offers a comprehensive suite of services and resources designed to support scholars, students, and researchers as they navigate the intersection of digital technology and humanistic studies.

What Are Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that applies cutting-edge digital technologies to the disciplines within the humanities. According to Thaler, Digital Humanities can be defined as “the sum of all attempts to apply information techniques to the subject area of the humanities” (Jannidis, Fotis, Hubertus Kohle, and Malte Rehbein, eds. 2017. Digital Humanities: an introduction. Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler Verlag). This encapsulates a broad range of activities, from digitizing historical texts and artifacts to using computational tools for literary analysis, thereby revolutionizing how humanities research is conducted and disseminated.

Services and Support at SUB Göttingen

SUB Göttingen provides a wealth of services aimed at empowering researchers in the Digital Humanities. These include:

  • Literature Search: Assisting in the discovery and access to both digital and print resources relevant to humanities research.
  • Research Data and Databases: Offering guidance on managing, accessing, and utilizing databases and datasets in humanities research.
  • Sustainable Publication: Advising on best practices for the long-term publication and preservation of digital research outputs.

For those keen on deepening their understanding or developing their skills in Digital Humanities, SUB Göttingen, under the expertise of Dr. José Calvo Tello, offers specialized training and information sessions. These opportunities are designed to equip researchers with the necessary tools and knowledge to leverage digital technologies in their work effectively.

Digital Humanities at the Göttingen Campus

The commitment to Digital Humanities extends beyond the SUB to encompass the wider Göttingen Campus. This includes various institutes, centers, and departments actively involved in digital humanities projects:

  • Institute for Digital Humanities
  • Research and Development Department
  • Digital Library Department
  • Consortium Text+
  • Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities

These entities collaborate on a range of projects, from developing digital libraries to exploring computational methods in textual analysis, highlighting the collaborative spirit and interdisciplinary nature of Digital Humanities at Göttingen.

The Digital Humanities at SUB Göttingen and the broader Göttingen Campus represent a vibrant and forward-thinking community dedicated to enhancing the research landscape in the humanities. By blending traditional humanistic inquiry with digital innovation, SUB Göttingen not only supports the academic community in exploring new methodologies but also contributes to preserving and enriching our cultural heritage for future generations. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or new to the field, the resources and support available at SUB Göttingen open up exciting possibilities for engagement with Digital Humanities.