C4Education 2023 Open Call: 3 new demo cases selected

Over the past two weeks, we have implemented an expert evaluation process in which five external reviewers shared their thoughts on the various submissions. Those reviewers were Fausto Vanin, Juan Castro-Cal, Johan Oomen, Michell Zappa and Sabine Fauland.

 Based on the input of these reviewers, three projects have been selected out of the 20 submissions that have been sent in. We are happy to announce that Chronoscope WorldXpec Cam Solution & Zaubar have been selected during this evaluation process as the top 3 applications!

Chronoscope World is a webapp to explore old maps on a world map based on OpenStreetMap, offering a powerful user experience for time-traveling the world, exploring European history of cartography, and observing urban development over centuries.
XpeCAM Solution is a hardware & software solution web based with AI, Deep learning & data processing for Cultural Heritage. Art Conservators, Museum Curators and Art Historians will have an efficient virtual assistants to help them to continuously improve their work, with state of the art imaging sensors to digitalize the real world & access to augmented reality solutions.
ZAUBAR creates custom-made software solutions for consumer-facing cultural institutions. It curates location-based AR experiences creating immersive 3D assets easily by using text prompts with additional interactive features such as on-location quizzes, scavenger hunts, selfie mode, and role-playing storyline with user input.

Soon we will be listing all the submitted projects on our website. Once more, thank you so much for all the submitted proposal! 🙂

Cover: Image by Fritzchens Fritz / Better Images of AI / GPU shot etched 5 / CC-BY 4.0