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VR4MORE: Enhancing Collaboration and Learning through Social Mixed Reality

Welcome to the world of VR4MORE, a cutting-edge social mixed reality platform designed to facilitate collaboration, research, education, and training. With its ability to handle large-scale 3D data, provide real-time rendering, and enable interactive behavioral models, VR4MORE offers a new level of immersion and engagement across various disciplines. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this revolutionary platform.

VR4more People: Social Mixed Reality Experience

VR4MORE enables collocated and remote social mixed reality experiences, fostering group-to-group immersive telepresence. This feature allows local and remote users to meet in shared interaction spaces, promoting the presentation, discussion, creation, and evaluation of 3D objects and processes.

VR4more Data: High-Quality Data Streaming and Management

With VR4MORE, you can expect seamless data streaming and memory management for smooth experiences and accurate data evaluation. The platform supports large 3D point clouds, volumetric models and video, and large triangle models with large textures, ensuring data fidelity at interactive frame rates.

VR4more Skills: Collaborative Training and Learning

The platform is an ideal environment for collaborative training and learning. VR4MORE enables action-based learning in realistic training environments without risk, promoting learning through observation, imitation, and mutual guidance. Users can also record and replay exemplary action sequences, adapting them independently of time and place.

VR4more Insight: Cooperative 3D Analysis and Visualization

VR4MORE enhances the understanding of complex interrelations by applying information visualization to high-resolution 3D models. Users can discuss and evaluate contextualized information directly within the platform, while cooperative annotation tools facilitate the acquisition and retrieval of gained knowledge.

VR4more Cooperation: Advanced User Interfaces for Productivity

The platform supports expressive user input through bimanual, multimodal, and social cooperation. VR4MORE envisions a paradigm shift from traditional social media to social user interfaces for productivity and mutual understanding, emphasizing synergistic, cooperative action.


VR4MORE is a powerful platform that brings a new dimension to collaboration, education, and training through social mixed reality. Its ability to handle large-scale data, provide real-time rendering, and enable cooperative analysis makes it an indispensable tool for various industries and sectors. Experience the future of immersive learning and collaboration with VR4MORE.

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